How often do you come across styling tutorials on the internet wondering if the video instructor is about to burn a chunk of her hair off. ALOT. So do we, that’s why we created this page for you to see tutorials from licensed cosmetologists and official bloggers on how to style your own hair between appointments!

“I can never make my hair look as good as you do”.

Clients tell stylists this every day at the salon. Your stylist is your best advisor on your style routine between appointments, and to help you, hear are some videos made for you, from your view in the mirror in the morning to upkeep your salon beautiful style!

The Holy Black

Shaving demo: The Holy Black…Shaving Soap & True Black Shave Brush w/@shampootyler

The Holy Black

Just hangin out at the barbershop.

Color Craft Tips & Tricks

Featuring Colin Caruso

Color Craft How To

Neuro Angle Cone

Quick preview of how to use the Neuro Angle Cone.

StyleEdit Root Touch Up Tutorial

Quick demo of StyleEdit root touch up.

Mitch Studio Interview with Matt

Mitch Studio Interview Matt

Mitch Studio Interview with Wil

Mitch Studio Interview Wil

UNITE Our Story

Unite’s boutique collection of high quality haircare products offer a diverse performance-range with a strong backing of professional education.

Color Craft How to Color Correction

The step by step guide to color correction.

Color Craft How to Refine Tonality

The step by step guide to refining tonality.

C Craft Game Changing Solutions

Rapido Promo

Fashion Week Compilation

AWG HydraTriplex Technical Steps

Candy Shaw shares How to Melt Colors with Balayage

Using Olaplex as a Cutting Lotion

What's the Difference Between Olaplex and Conditioners