(Recorded April 22nd, 2018)

Stevn Thomas Yankowski  & Robyn Lee discuss and demonstrate BIG PRO COLOR… Stevn founded BIG PRO COLOR with the mission of bringing safer color processing to the beauty industry by protecting the health of stylists and their guests. While Stevn discusses the history and development of BIG PRO COLOR, Robyn Lee demonstrates mixing, applying, and finishing a color consultation.

Running Time
The running time for this webinar is 2 hours & 11 minutes. Get a cup of coffee or cocktail and sitback, relax and learn why BIG PRO COLOR is revolutionary.

Safer & Faster
During the seminar, Stevn talks about how this new technology works, and why it works faster, and safer. Stevn also goes into a great deal of detail explaining why their product has ammonia vapor and is yet is safer than “ammonia free” products. These products tend to contain “MEA,” a compound chemically close to Ammonia,  and which has been associated with an increase in a range of health risks since 2011.

Let Us Visit You
If you are a State licensed Salon professional in NH, MA, CT, ME, RI, or VT we would love to have a Sullivan Beauty Consultant stop-by with BIG PRO COLOR product and let you explore and learn about how this product line will transform your coloring business through safer, faster and more effective coloring, and allow you to offer new coloring offerings including a range of services to those with less than 40% gray.

The BIG Pitch
Complete more coloring sessions in about 1/2 the time, while maintaining greater control including hair that has become resistant to coloring — using a formulation that is safer for your health, the health of your guests using packaging that will protect the product & the environment.

Easy to Stock
While other color lines may require you to stock hundreds up to 600 or 700 different SKUs, BIG PRO COLOR gives you a greater palette of colors, while only requiring 45 to 65 stocking units.

Our online store is now open: Click to shop now —  BIG PRO COLOR store

Call Us
To have Sullivan Beauty Consultant visit your Salon call 844-799-0811 or email

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