Here We Grow Again!

Here We Grow Again – Oct, 2017

October of two-thousand and seventeen marks a monumental milestone in the evolutionary journey of Sullivan Beauty. We are excited to announce our most significant expansions to date, including new haircare offerings and a vaster distribution territory comprised of Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut. Now covering the same geography as our former CB Sullivan Company, we are setting into motion our next phase of growth including new lines, team members, clientele and opportunities to recreate the experience that New England professionals have grown to associate with the Sullivan brand!

We Bleed Black and White.

Don’t worry, Paul Mitchell Fans, we aren’t going anywhere! The Sullivan family has had the great honor and privilege of representing the most recognized brand in the professional beauty industry for close to forty years. Our passion for John Paul Mitchell Systems is unwavering and as they continue to evolve, we only find ourselves being more impressed with how dialed-in they are to professional’s needs. We aspire to be their preferred Northern New England distributor for many more years to come!

So why diversify? Because we have to in order to expand in to new markets. Let us explain…

Similar to how you have experienced many of the brands that you love change hands from one distributor to the next over the past decade, we too marvel at how we’ve had to adapt our business model to evolve with the industry over the years. Starting from the humble beginnings of our grandparent’s basement, to becoming the largest beauty supply distributor on the East Coast, to exclusively representing the top privately owned brand in the beauty industry, to now broadening our professional offerings, we’ve had to continuously transform to survive.

Our most recent decision to become a “multi-line” distributor stems from the same necessity. Over the past seven years we’ve fielded inquiries from some of the industry’s most prominent brands seeking our distribution services. Upon recently re-branding with our family name, the offers have increased two-fold. Of course we owe this humbling experience to the reputation that our former generation established with CB Sullivan Company. However we haven’t been interested because we’ve been more than content representing JPMS exclusively. We represent arguably one of the strongest professional haircare companies in the beauty industry and here’s why…

A) Philanthropy – The philanthropic leadership efforts of John Paul DeJoria, which are publicly and selflessly done on behalf of hairdressers, has literally made our world a better place.

B) Culture – Having represented some of the largest brands in the beauty industry, we understand that the Paul Mitchell Culture sets the benchmark of beauty industry families. From their complimentary in-salon education and support, to their corporate values, Paul Mitchell students and stylists stand for something greater – they Live Beautifully.

C) The Affordable Luxury – They’ve made it possible for us to enjoy quality products sourced from sustainable resources offered at costs that are more affordable than lesser quality over- the-counter products. And they’ve done so without sacrifice. They founded the beauty industry’s “green” movement with their Hawaiian Awapuhi farm where they grow their popular ingredient, and they were the first to put their foot down on animal testing. For these reasons and more, they have maintained their status as the most recognized name in our industry.

D) Raising The Bar – Future Professionals who choose to attend a Paul Mitchell school receive the most comprehensive educational curriculum available. JPMS continues to positively sculpt the future of our industry and the environment on which we all depend. They set an ethical and performance standard simply because they know it is the right thing to do.

The list of why John Paul Mitchell Systems is one of the best in the game is much more robust than we can illustrate in this simple article. It is for all of those reasons and more that we have opted against the multi-line distribution model since the sale of CB Sullivan Company in 2010. Regardless of what professional decisions we have to make in the best interest of our business, we will always proudly bleed black and white.

Southern Expansion

In salons you have two primary channels of sales growth – increase your average ticket or increase your clientele. Those growth options are the same for us beauty supply distributors. Ideally, our growth comes from a healthy combination of both channels. To continue on with the analogy, how do you continue to grow your revenue when you’re servicing almost all of the available clientele in your area? To simplify, you can focus on increasing your average ticket or you can work on tapping into clientele from new areas.

We are grateful to share that our market penetration is extremely high thanks to our wonderful clients whom have chosen to partner with us. This means that we have limited capability to increase our clientele within our existing “northern” territory of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont because we’ve nearly maxed out our market potential. Therefore, we need to expand into new territory. Hence, our southern expansion into Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, which expands our market’s population from 3.2 million to 14 million people. Naturally, this allows the best potential for exponential sales growth which is essential for Sullivan Beauty at this point in our professional evolution.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well than why not continue to exclusively offer John Paul Mitchell Systems in your new territory as well?” If that were an option, we would gladly embrace the opportunity! But the reality is that this isn’t an option because JPMS already has a strong partner in the South. We have to modify our business model once again to expand throughout the rest of New England. As a result, our loyal clientele will enjoy the added benefit of exploring a plethora of new offerings to compliment our existing offerings.

While we’ll be dedicating much needed attention and effort to our expansion project, Sullivan Beauty’s primary focus will always be providing an exceptional level of service and support to our clientele for whom we have the privilege of serving. We see this opportunity to enhance our value and become a stronger distributor partner for all New England beauty and barber professionals.

We’re Here For You

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you want to share with us an opportunity to improve our service, or something that you love about what we’re doing, or any specific questions about the article that you’ve just read, we welcome and encourage your questions and comments. Please always feel free to reach out to us publicly by posting a comment below or privately via

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your business! ~ The Sullivans

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