Helpful Tools To Increase Your Take Home Sales!

John Paul Mitchell Systems is at it again! Take a peek at this short video as Tyler explains Paul Mitchell’s 2 helpful tools they’ve come up with to increase your take home sales. These are basically cheat sheets new to the JPMS world meant to entice the eye of your clients and put more revenue into your pockets.

Inside their New & Now, you’ll find the “Savings Snapshot”— a look at the savings with each of your favorite, current promotions.  You can now tear out these informational pages to post in your break room so you and your stylists can become educated on the savings without the boring percentile statistics. We’re talking dollars! A much more appealing strategy when it comes to your customers’ listening ear.

Secondly, log on to and sign up for free for a complimentary download to the PM Planner— a key tool in helping you learn how to set up special displays that’ll wow and lure your customers over to a beautiful, functional, and strategically displayed focus table.

Sure, we’re the middleman, but JPMS is helping to sell through YOU. Get in the game, utilize these tools, and watch your business grow!

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