Industry Visionary “Blows” People Away With Her Success Story

Everyone loves a good success story, and when those stories come from the beauty industry, it brings inspiration to the work that we do! We recently came across NPR’s famous podcast, “How I Built This” with Guy Raz, where founder and creator of Dry Bar, Alli Webb, shared her secrets of [and rise to] success.

“I wanted to do it the way I wanted. Not the way it’s always been done.”

Alli knew her passion was hair. After leaving college early, she followed her gut and moved to NYC to further her cosmetology career. But the itch to leave it all behind, move to California, and start a family soon pulled her in a different direction. Mommyhood brought Alli many rewarding feats, but she needed to satisfy a desire to do something for herself again. And a simple side job was the spark that lit the match.  She drove around in her Nissan Xterra going door to door, giving blowouts to her mommy friends while their kids napped. Such a basic idea, right?! Alli thought so, at first. But demand grew, one salon opened, then 6. The need to scale was evident and the the franchise began.

“We were like the cool club that everyone wants to be in, but that’s only cool for so long.” 

 Imagine this– a business model based off a salon with no tube of color or a single pair of scissors in sight. Alli knew that most women can’t style their hair as well as their stylist, yet their favorite part of the experience is walking out of the salon with a great blow out.Could that alone be a business?  That’s exactly the initial hunch that launched the concept of Dry Bar into the multi million-dollar empire it is today. In just 7 years, nearly 70 locations in North America are bringing in $100 million a year. Alli saw a missing gap in the beauty industry and she had just the right combo of confidence and drive to bring it to life. Her motto was simple:

Focus on one thing and be the best at it- Blowouts.

 Listen for yourself and learn the whole backstory. It’s easy! Go to your app store on your mobile device and search for NPR One. Once the app is downloaded you can search for Alli’s poscast by typing in “Alli Webb Dry Bar”. (iPhone users can go straight to their Podcast app.) Or click here to watch in your browser now!


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