We’d like to introduce you to our new line, INVISIBLEWEAR, now gracing the Sullivan Beauty shelves with anything but invisible results!

John Paul Mitchell Systems really hit the bulls eye with this one when it comes to enhancing and highlighting the current trend of effortless styling. A modern, lived-in look that’s on the rise and showing no signs of dissappearing.

INVISIBLEWEAR provides an impressive cast of _ technologically innovative  styling products that produce super-chic, yet casually undone looks that transcend day to night, and beach to street. The versatility of these products is endless. It’s easy to show your clients how to go an extra day or two without washing their hair with on the go styling and restyling products. Teach them to evolve and revive their style over the course of a few days with Boomerang Restyling Mist. With INVISIBLEWEAR it’s easy to replicate salty beach waves and wispy top knots with volume-packed products with Volume Whip and Undone Texture designed to bring the “oomph” back to a lifeless look.

And welcome to the JPMS family TWO new dry shampoo options; one for blondes, and one for brunettes (super-fine tinted mist). These little beauties will be a client favorite no doubt.  Who doesn’t want to extend their blowout and prolong their style in between washes without a white powdery finish typical of other dry shampoos? Invisiblewear’s fresh, modern fragrance makes it wearable from daya to day, with uplifting notes of natural citrus and alluring Jasmine that linger on the hair it is to die for! It absorbs oil without the powdery residue that can be a complaint of many dry shampoo users.


  • INVISIBLEWEAR Shampoo- Preps Texture, Builds Volume
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Conditioner- Detangles, Builds Body, Preps for Undone Styling
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Volume Whip- Humidity Resistant, Long-Lasting Hold
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Blonde Dry Shampoo-Extends Blowout, Refreshes Blonde Hair
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Brunette Dry Shampoo- Extends Blowout, Refreshes Brunette hair
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Pump Me Up- Sheer Texture Powder
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Boomerang Restyling Mist- Detangler, Revitalizer
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Memory Shaper- Adds Flexibility and Shine
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Undone Texture Hairspray- Provides Instant Texture, Natural Volume
  • INVISIBLEWEAR Orbit Hairspray-Finishing Spray for a Beautifully Brushable Hold

How can you, as a professional expert—Someone your clients turn to for ongoing, innovative trends in the beauty industry— Create dialogue about this line that connects with your guests? Try these 3 JPMS suggestions:

INVISIBLEWEAR’s undone looks are never over-styled. Believe us, we think it’ll be easy to show your guest how they can streamline their routine without much effort.

Communicate the convenience of these products—How they can cut down on styling time for a fuss-free perfect look, day or night.

Embrace your natural texture! Play with and embrace the natural texture you were born with for a low-maintenance look that’s in high demand in the industry.

INVISIBLEWEAR has no limits, no age, and no hair texture/type that it doesn’t compliment. It should be easy to find our best style with the least effort. JPMS has done that. The imperfections and styling hurdles we face each day can now be embraced and turned into something beautiful! Style-on my friends! Contact your Sullivan Beauty Consultant for more info! 844-799-0811 xt.0 for cus service.

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