Introducing NEURO Liquid

NEURO Liquid- New Thermal Protection Line Arrives!

Did you think all your high-heat styling tools had to be plugged into the wall? Think again. There’s a new kid on the block changing the game. Introducing NEURO Liquid to the JPMS family! This intelligent way of styling brings 7 new products that work with, and compliment the benefits we all get from our blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and more. Essentially a “liquid tool” to add to your collection.

Let’s face it. With our styling tools comes risk: dehydration, cracked cuticles, dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. NEURO Liquid is a complete line of performance-proven products that were specifically constructed to withstand the heat your hair faces everyday to provide guilt-free blowouts and styling without compromising your locks. With the appliance market increasing  55% faster than any other professional salon category, why wouldn’t you want to provide yourself and your clients with the optimal care needed to go along with their everyday routine?

Prevents Thermal Damage up to 86%

Provides up to 4.5x more condition

Blocks humidity for up to 8 hours

Sulfate-free so 100% color safe

What’s the magical potion you ask? Silicones and proteins cross-link creating a protective barrier that activates with heat. This cutting-edge “HeatCTRL” technology helps lessen the heat transfer, so you get more styling power without the damaging effects . NEURO Liquid takes the brunt of the damage from the appliance’s heat to leave the strands intact. Think about it as a Thermos for your hair. Do you ever wonder why your styrofoam cup doesn’t burn your hand while holding a cup of HOT coffee? It’s because the heat from the coffee is transferred to the foam or cardboard INSTEAD of your hand.

Your customer will walk out of the salon with soft, humidity-resistant hair, with a glossy and brilliant shine like never before. Perfect for these hot summer days! An added bonus will be sending them home with the products so they can achieve the same results at home. 

Lather Shampoo to prep the hair and get it ready for heat.

Rinse: Condition the hair by normalizing the pH and replenish heat stressed strands.

Repair: Once or twice a week repair the moisture lost any time heat hits the hair.

Prime: just like with a make up primer if used first the surface is set up, smoother and more receptive to the mechanics of using tools.

Lift: A lightweight foam to add volume and provide fullness while blow drying.

Protect: This spray is designed to protect the hair from using irons and resists humidity.

Finish: Advanced thermal protection and long lasting hold.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are for this collection to come to the forefront of our industry with such beneficial engineering behind it.  Get in touch with your Sullivan Beauty Consultant today to find out more!

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