Leading Industry Coach Wows Our Beauty Professionals

It was educational. It was impactful. It was awesome! If you missed out on our highly talked about Sullivan’s 2017 Business Builder this month, not to worry. We’ll fill you in on all the highlights.

Over 300 of Northern New England’s finest and best in the biz filled the room in the Grappone Conference Center for a day of sales builders & sales killers with a little cut and color education mixed in by 3 of the regions hottest stylists.

Carol Phillips, the industry’s leading retail extraordinaire, shared her wealth of knowledge; making it easy for beauty & barber professionals, and owners & managers alike to share beauty solutions with their guests. She highlighted the value of the products you’re selling. It’s never about the price, or what the product is. It’s about what that product can do for you. If you give your guest the value of professional quality products (ie: the magic ingredients, the unique way it does this and does that), then you’ll do what is needed to duplicate the look so your clients can continue your hard-earned results at home!

Carol charmed the audience with her quick-witted and clever demeanor, drilling in suggestions to keep your client’s “head in the game”.

  • Ask more questions! Plant a seed by recommending something and let it marinate. Keep in mind you’ll get 5 No’s before you get 1 Yes.
  •  3 is the magic number. Suggesting more products than that is overkill and your guest will shut down.
  •  Dress for success. Customers mirror their stylists. So sell yourself, your products, and your service with confidence; expect to make the sale and you will. And put on your favorite lipstick! It was proven in Ivy League studies that professionals who wear color cosmetics were perceived as more competent and reliable.
  • 78% of your sale is done when their “butts are in the chair”. So look them in their eyes and most importantly, no judgements! It’s never your job to assume they won’t spend their money on the products and services you’re recommending.

Those were only a bite size portion of our favorite tips and techniques. Implement what you learned and get ready to earn more money with your next appointment! We hope you took away as many newly learned skills as we did. Thanks for joining us!

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