2020 is HERE! And so is our newest product line family member and the PROOF is in the pudding…

We are ecstatic to welcome the latest brand to our evolving collection at the turn of the new decade – Living Proof. Today, and for decades before, we at Sullivan Beauty take great consideration in the lines we partner with to ensure a seamless fluidity and coherence among the brand cultures, providing options, solutions, and a healthy dose of support for all of our customers’ needs.

Living Proof is a brand with a foundation based on a scientific approach to solving the top hair problems. With 20 patents, over 50 products, and over 180 awards, we know this addition will be welcomed among veteran and newcomer stylists and clients alike. The functionality of the brand is changing the haircare game! With their very own 93% female research and Development team of scientists in their very own labs in their Boston headquarters, the team has been tasked in solving the challenges you and your clients most often complain about. Living Proof originated at MIT in Cambridge MA and has since developed four core molecular discoveries, a mix of which is found throughout the Living Proof brand franchises (categories) based on their benefits toward the product’s purposes:

  1. Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA)– repels dirt and residue to keep hair cleaner, longer
  2. Thickening Molecule (PBAE)– creates thickening dots between hair strands so your hair feels and looks fuller
  3. Volumizing & Texturizing Molecule (ETAS)– creates weightless, instant volume and texture without weighing the hair down.
  4. Locking Molecule– forms a protective layer to help lock in color and replenish the outer layer often damaged during the color process

These molecules have been the backbone of the 6 categories of products within the line, or “franchises” under the Living proof. umbrella:

No-Frizz – The original franchise of the brand and where it all started. Hair is 70% more effective at blocking humidity with the healthy hair molecule.

Full – The franchise for those longing for a fuller appearance is simply called Full. Enjoy Lasting and revivable fullness utilizing the thickening molecule.

Restore – The most widely used, the Restore franchise Helps dry, damaged hair balance the microbiome within your scalp. The Restore Leave in Conditioner prevents up to 93% of split ends leaving hair 15% stronger in just 1 use!!!

Perfect Hair Day – As the name implies, this franchise is going to give you a PHD (Perfect Hair Day). Oil, dirt, and sweat is all absorbed using triple action cleaning technology. This franchise’s Dry Shampoo is the #1 dry shampoo sold in the country. Just Spray- let it clean, then shake, brush or blow dry those powdered oils off the hair and voila! You have just dry shampooed! This is a MUST have product!

Color Care – The Color Care franchise approaches not only longevity of color but also retaining the color quality! A protection built into Color Care Reduces brassiness, maintains rich tones, and extends color with a UV light guard.

Style Lab – Though there are styling products in most of the franchises, the Style Lab Franchise introduces some key components of performance hairstyling. Touchable, movable styling products with enough hold, yet flexible components to give you the desired outcome.

Sullivan Beauty has put together a small Living Proof Test Kit which is the perfect mix of products for you to try at close to 50% off. Best part is, if you fall in love with the brand, your investment in the Test Kit acts as a deposit toward a brand opening order! Talk to your Sullivan Beauty Consultant About the Test Kit today for more info!

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