Where our Barbers at?!

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Well, hopefully you were at this year’s inaugural New England Barber Social. ‘Cause if you weren’t, you missed out!!

On April 28th, 420 barber professionals from near and far, of all different skill levels and backgrounds got to experience this insanely unique evening catered to today’s progressive N.E. barber. By diving into a high energy, yet ‘chill’ flow of events, guests were able to relax, network, and feel inspired by the best of what the industry currently has to offer.

This format was the first in a series of educational events we look to continue annually. With 2019’s N.E.B.S coming out of the gate as a complete sell out, it verified that the demand for relevant, good-quality, and cool barbering education is alive and well.

We developed this progressive lifestyle event to encompass all things the barber culture loves and thrives off of: music, food, tattoos, craft beer, fashion, art, quality tools, education and inspiration! With DJ Knife setting the tone on the ones and twos, free tattoos, vendors handing out samples and showcasing their latest tools and products, to some of the hottest barbers in the game sampling their skills through competitions and a collective ‘Hair Jam’, the N.E. Barber Social delivered a content-packed, synergistic approach to barber education.

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to all our featured artists, “local celebrity” artists, competitors, lifestyle partners, and product sponsors for making this Barber Social wildly successful in its first run! Because of your talents, energy, and (mad) skills, we were able to deliver one of the coolest education offerings this year for our fellow barbers.

Check out the N.E. Barber Wrap Video above to see just a hint of highlights that made this night so much fun!

If you have any feedback, recommendations, or suggestions for future Barber Socials (Spring 2020!), please feel free to reach out to Education Coordinator, Meg@sullivabeauty.com

Barber supplies delivered to you next day: www.sullys.supplies

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