New Sullivan Beauty Facebook Ad Campaign Will Drive Customers Through Your Doors and to Your Registers!

Just consider us your hired ad agency. It’s Liter Duo time people! Sullivan Beauty is putting money where we think your customer’s wallets will be. On your behalf, we’ve designed a Facebook ad campaign to drive clients to your retail areas to take advantage of the Liter Duo deals now through February while supplies last.

We wanted to generate an advertisement that shows the already built-in savings found in our liter duos (up to 41% off) to get people in your doors to purchase them from you exclusively. We’ll be advertising the already suggested retail price and a salon locator will be built into the Facebook offer so people can find your salon’s location!

Let’s target people where they’re really spending their time– on social media.

All you have to do is notify and tag everyone on your staff so they’re in the loop! Stock up on your Liter Duos for your customers today!

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