Our very own Tyler Sullivan sits down with #BARBERLIFE for a very cool, easy-listening podcast that breaks down distribution, education, and how it works with the Barber side of the game.

Slip in your ear buds or listen on your drive into work and immerse yourself into all things art, inspiration, and changing trends straight from the business savvy, creative mind of our own, Tyler Sullivan, and host, Jake Ostreicher.

Tyler first walks you through the timeline of Sullivan Beauty’s rich history of beauty supply distribution. He reiterates that throughout the 3 generations of Sullivans, there’s one common thread throughout the nearly 75-year history in the industry. “Helping our customers grow with their business goals,” still stands as the heartbeat of the company and Tyler takes you through the multidimensional facets of what Sullivan Beauty offers. He encourages you to “Think of us as resource directors,” who do so much more than collect inventory sheets. Sullivan Beauty brings value to the table by going beyond the norm and helping customers set up their websites, improve social media strategy, brand their salons/barbershops, and launching incentive programs to help customers buy products from their retail area.

Jake and Tyler take a turn down Education Lane explaining the way barbers should take advantage of all the industry has to offer in the ever-changing world of hair. Sure, you might have your fading down to a science, but now proper styling is a whole new playmaker. While there are a lot of barbers who are content with being content, some might want to raise their average ticket but may not have the tools or confidence to take their client’s service to that next level. Jake explains we’re just at the tip of the iceberg. There are endless tools and skills beyond just the “cut”.

Go out. Make connections. Vibe with other like-minded people and fill your noggin with knowledge to elevate your craft. Happy Listening!

Check out all of the Podcast’s cool episodes here and follow on Instagram–  Jake Ostreicher @jake_cuts_fresh & Tyler Sullivan @shampootyler

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