Cleaning Things Up Around Here with Urban Alchemy!

Alright, let’s COME CLEAN about something. We have a new playmaker in the arsenal. We’re happy to welcome URBAN ALCHEMY to the Sullivan Beauty Family! – Innovative and performance-proven care for the hair and scalp. With ingredients that are vital to the health of everything from scalp to ends, Urban Alchemy products are vegan, which makes them suitable for even the most sensitive of client heads.

You style your hair. So do your clients. Which most likely means we all put a crazy amount of product in it, be it a mousse, gel, dry shampoo, hair serum, or even just a touch of hairspray. Even our clients over-the-counter shampoo/conditioner can contain sulfates and silicones leaving an ugly coating on their hair. Not to mention the few summer splashes of chlorine from the pool!

All this unwanted “coating” of the hair will eventually result in dullness, and the feeling of “heaviness”or greasiness. Every now and again it’s time to cleanse the mane properly. Think of it as exfoliating your face so you can apply a good quality moisturizer and an anti-aging regimen for long lasting results!

Urban Alchemy provides everything a stylist needs to effectively cleanse their clients’ hair on a deep level. From their Signature Cleanse, to a scalp Salt Scrub, to their Soothing & Hydrating Conditioner, this trifecta successfully removes impurities such as silicone, chlorine, copper, iron, and other minerals and residues from over the counter products, hard water deposits, and environmental effects. With a range of products almost teetering on the line of sundries, their bowls, brushes, paddle board, and foils simplify the stylist’s life to ensure optimal results with ease.

Let’s face it, your work will only be as good as the clean slate you start it on. 

So talk to your SBC today for more info or visit us here. Happy cleansing!

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