On the market these days we’re able to customize our own food orders, makeup colors, perfume scents and more. This ever-growing trend of being able to pick and choose at our leisure has finally come to the beauty industry in a versatile and user friendly way!

Introducing… COLOR CRAFT. Paul Mitchell’s latest customizable color conditioning system will rock your client’s worlds and maximize your revenues with this easy add-on service, plus a take home product to match. There’s nothing fancy here.  In Layman’s terms, it’s a conditioner that happens to have the added benefit of color to intensify, enhance, and extend the life of your hair.

Want to go red this weekend for that fun night out but be back to your usual hue in just a short time? The 8 Color Craft Liquid Color Concentrates mix with the Custom Color Treatment to create endless color options (all within your trusty conditioner) that can last for up to 6 weeks! As a professional service, you can dramatically shift a client’s color in as little as 5 minutes processing!

Service Opportunities:

  • CONDITION any hair type with a custom-made color treatment to revitalize color
  • TONE the hair with a treatment to balance warm or cool tones
  • CORRECT color by mixing Color Craft with water to repigment the hair
  • SELL it as an entry level gateway into hair coloring services for the client who is hesitant but interested in a non-chemical color service

What’s more is the stylist still has the power. Your guests can’t purchase this concoction of conditioner options anywhere else but in their stylist’s chair—building client loyalty and increasing traffic. You mix a single service amount of the white conditioner, called customer color treatment, with as many pumps of the color concentrates as your heart desires, and in 5-10 minutes of processing time, your client’s hair is vibrant, nourished, and so silky smooth! They’ll be crazy not to take home a mixture of the retail sized custom color treatment (around six treatments worth) and the color concentrate(s) of your recommendation because as a take home product, color craft will simply maintain the color shift that you did at the salon.

So go ahead, be crafty.

Color Craft is paired perfectly with Platinum Blonde Shampoo. Check in with your Paul Mitchell Partner today for more info!

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