How often do you come across styling tutorials on the internet wondering if the video instructor is about to burn a chunk of her hair off. ALOT. So do we, that’s why we created this page for you to see tutorials from licensed cosmetologists and official Paul Mitchell bloggers on how to style your own hair between appointments!

“I can never make my hair look as good as you do”.

Clients tell stylists this every day at the salon. Your stylist is your best advisor on your style routine between appointments, and to help you, hear are some videos made for you, from your view in the mirror in the morning to upkeep your salon beautiful style!

NEURO Unclipped Festival Hair

Tally takes on an incredible revolution in the Awapuhi Wild Ginger brand, Mirror Smooth! Watch as Tally shows some top bloggers the mirror smooth Makeover!


Tally takes on a high-volume ponytail using Extra Body and a Tease Comb. Love that Arianna Grande look? Trying to boost the look of your hair? Try this volumizing technique from Tally!


Tally takes on vintage style! Tally shows  this turn of the century glamorous getup! Headband required, enjoy!

NEURO Smoothing your hair

Tally Takes on smooth hair with the NEURO Smooth Iron. Want smooth hair quickly and professionally with a all-day wear? Tally will show you the tricks of the trade to get that smooth beveled look!

Styling hair with Curls

Tally takes on styling hair with Curls! As someone with naturally curly hair, Tally is going to show you the right way to prep and style your beautiful locks with a fly-away free frizzles finish!

Extra Body Blowout

Tally takes on an extra body blowout! You can’t go to the salon EVERY day can you? Or maybe you can 😉 If not, let Tally show you how to maintain and recreate a voluminous extra-body blowout between salon appointments.

SALON quality Blowout

Tally takes on a salon quality blowout with take home products! You can’t go to the salon EVERY day can you? Or maybe you can 😉 If not, let Tally show you how to  recreate that salon quality blowout between appointments.

Unclipped 3-in-1 Iron

Tally takes on different types of Curls with the Unclipped 3-in-1 iron! Tally can show you how to use that wand on your own hair in a safe easy way! Tally creates three different types of curls with her Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 iron by Paul Mitchell!