Sullivan Beauty is a family owned wholesale distributor, providing Paul Mitchell products to salons in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

We sell Paul Mitchell to licensed professionals through your “Paul Mitchell Partner team”. Your Paul Mitchell Partner team is a group of representatives whose job it is to specialize in Paul Mitchell products, services, and business building. The goal of your Paul Mitchell Partner is to help you reach your goals as a professional.

We sell Paul Mitchell, as well, through any one of various Salon Centric stores in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Our store associates are well versed in Paul Mitchell products and eager to help you have a pleasant shopping experience. At any time you can call-in to place your Paul Mitchell product order with our customer service representatives at 844-799-0811 and just press 0.

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Our Mission is to help hair care professionals grow through innovation, inspiration, and education. We will provide the finest service, products, and tools that support your business and goals.

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Sullivan Beauty (“PMNNE”) is made up of the second and third generations of the CB Sullivan family of beauty supply distributors. Co-owner, CB Sullivan Jr., and his children, Tyler, Kerry, and Lauren, formed PMNNE in 2010 immediately following the sale of their iconic family beauty supply distributorship, CB Sullivan Company.

Our story begins in 1947 when CB Sullivan Sr. (“Sully”) and his wife, Claire, formed CB Sullivan Company which operated out of their family home in Manchester, NH. CB traveled throughout Northern New England selling professional barber supplies out of his van while Claire mothered 5 busy children and managed their company’s inventory and books from home. It’s been said that Sully was so dependable that the barbers could set their watch by his visits! – The unofficial definition of true “route sales.” When CB returned home from his routes, Claire would collect and manage the finances while the children would help replenish the work van’s sold items from the inventory stored in their basement – the beginning of these children’s trail-blazing career in the beauty industry.

CB and Claire opened their first beauty supply store in 1959 before moving to their second location (pictured above) in 1969. In 1980 CB Junior, the eldest of the 5 children, purchased the company from his parents to help alleviate his father’s duties who was recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (“ALS.”) This marked the official beginning of the second generation’s influence on the family business when CB Jr. and his siblings, Donna, Rick, Jeff and Mark, began to grow their small family business that would thirty years later be the largest Professional Beauty Supply Distributor on the East Coast of the United States.

One of the major stepping stones in the success of CB Sullivan Co. was when CB signed on with John Paul Mitchell Systems as their Northern New England representative in the early eighties. Paul Mitchell & John Paul DeJoria introduced their revolutionary hair care “system” to New England beauty professionals through CB’s educational caravans and hair shows with the help of Paul Mitchell greats like, Jeanne Braa & her young Scottish protege, Robert Cromeans. Before long, Paul Mitchell became a house-hold name and quickly accelerated as one of our most popular offerings. CB contributes their successful partnership to their shared passion, shared culture of positive energy, and a relentless goal for innovative and progressive client solutions. Together they would make a tremendous impact on the professional beauty industry and to this day CB & JP still remain best of friends.

In 2010 CB Sullivan Company was acquired by L’Oreal USA’s professional product distribution network, SalonCentic. This inevitable destiny gave CB and his children an opportunity to set up a professional beauty supply distributorship to maintain the growth and representation of their top selling privately owned hair care brand, John Paul Mitchell Systems; hence the formation of PMNNE. However, the decision to take on this tremendous undertaking was not as simple as one may assume. Sure, to represent the #1 brand in the beauty industry is an attractive offering, but it comes with great responsibility that warranted serious consideration.

Our father, CB, asked that we seriously consider whether this was the direction that we wanted to move in for the rest of our careers. The decision did not come lightly. It was clear that we would inherit the massive responsibility of maintaining the benchmark level of professionalism that John Paul Mitchell Systems is known for. We’re talking about the largest privately held label in the industry. A company who is so serious about their impression on the beauty industry that they took legal action in order to protect themselves for the next few centuries from being purchased by one of the publicly held conglomerates who would potentially sacrifice Paul Mitchell’s quality, image, and laurels in order to acquire the brand to make their portfolio stronger for the sake of their share-holders, like we’ve seen happen many times before in our field. That translates to a long-term professional commitment that we’d be signing on for. We also understood that this is a company who employs an ex-CIA agent as the head of their product-control department to unyieldingly fight diversion and protect the professionalism of their brands so if they were to find a bottle of Paul Mitchell in the Over The Counter (“OTC”) market that originally came from our distributorship, we would be fined $200/bottle! That means we better know who we are selling to and what that client’s intentions are. I mean, who else has this uncompromised level of professionalism in the interest of protecting their brands for the benefit of the professionals who choose to offer them? No one! We knew that this wasn’t going to be like representing your average start-up brand trying to gain market-share (which we’ve also experienced.) No, we’re talking about the most recognized brand in the beauty industry with a presence that every other manufacturer strives to recreate. If we were to be Sullivan Beauty, we would have to emulate the core characteristics that made CB Sullivan Company as reputable as it is and we would also have to make a commitment to constantly evolve to keep up with a brand that is so evolutionary that they are still #1 after 30+ years. This would be no walk in the park.

We decided to take on this challenge and with John Paul DeJoria’s blessing, in June of 2010 we formed Sullivan Beauty. The brand that our family helped to build is the brand that we can stand behind, that we can believe in, that we know will never grow stagnant, and that we know is in the beauty industry for the right reasons. So this is the brand that we will help to build. We share their culture for caring, giving back, enjoying what you do, being the best you can be, trying to create a better place, and maintaining quality business ethics. We love that they are changing the level of education available to barbers and cosmetologists which has a tremendous impact on the future of our industry. So it made sense to us. With our family supporting and advising us, we had the confidence to bring it full circle with the formation of PMNNE where we now reserve the privilege of maintaining the exclusive distribution rights of Paul Mitchell brands for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, and as such, have set out to represent the beauty industry’s top recognized professional hair care brand to the best of our ability.

With one of the most respected beauty industry icons behind the helm of PMNNE, we’ve set out to recreate the best of CB Sullivan Company’s qualities and characteristics. We’ve strategically formed our organization with the best team members that we’ve been able to procure and we constantly evolve to collaborate with the sharp minds that were influential in our success at CB Sullivan Company to grow our team and our skill-sets. Our passion to be the best business resource for our clients is fueled by (A) our clients’ success – their success is our success, in that order; (B) our capabilities – we have what it takes to be the best and won’t settle with mediocre; and (C) our history – as the third generation of New England’s Sullivan beauty suppliers, we want to take our distributorship to a new standard for the sake of our forefather’s sacrifices which made beauty professionals more successful allowing those professionals to enjoy a higher quality of life, and how they’ve enabled us to have a high quality of life. It’s our turn to give back. And we love that we get to do that with the brand that brought us to the dance decades ago.

Here we grow again! Come play with us. Your business will thank you for it 🙂

Our Mission is to help hair care professionals grow through innovation, inspiration, and education. We will provide the finest service, products, and tools that support your business and goals.

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